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Making Notre Dame better every day

Welcome to the Office of Continuous Improvement!

Continuous Improvement is:

  • a way of examining, understanding, and improving processes
  • implemented using proven methods and tools to accelerate process improvements
  • performed on a consistent basis, with many different processes
  • different from "regular" improvement in its focus and use of methods and tools

Our office was launched in January 2010 to help the University meet its strategic goals through the use of proven methods and tools.  In particular, we offer Continuous Improvement (CI) training opportunities for University employees to prepare them to lead or participate in CI projects.  We also provide project support and guidance for project sponsors, leaders, and teams throughout the duration of their CI projects.

Whether you are interested in learning more about the University's Continuous Improvement initiatives, receiving CI training, or beginning a CI project in your campus unit, we look forward to working with you!

OCI Spotlight

Welcome to the newest feature of our Continuous Improvement website!  We will spotlight individuals and teams who are doing great work in the area of continuous improvement.

Todd Hill Headshot

Todd Hill has served multiple roles and earned multiple certifications – he has been a member of our advisory committee, Team APEX; he earned his Green Belt certification; and then he followed that up by completing Black Belt training and earning his Black Belt certification.



Wed Apr 12, 2017

Spring Green Belt Training

Date: Wed Apr 12, 2017


Location: 210-214 McKenna Hall

Green Belt Project Nomination Form

Day #3 of 5-day Green Belt training

The Green Belt program at Notre Dame has been the main vehicle for delivering process improvement results across campus. Project leaders from campus departments participate in Green Belt training and, with coaching support from the Office of Continuous Improvement and strong project sponsorship, lead teams to deliver improvements to key processes.…

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Wed Apr 19, 2017

Yellow Belt Class

Date: Wed Apr 19, 2017


Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall

This course will provide an interactive way to learn - and immediately apply - the basics of Continuous Improvement. (You may have heard your colleagues talk about this interactive event as "the Courier Simulation.") You should come away from this course thinking about how you can create more efficiency and effectiveness in your work environment using CI tools and methods. …

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