How will Continuous Improvement help us meet our mission/goals?

Meeting our mission to be a preeminent research University and provide an unsurpassed undergraduate education will require much more staff time than we have available now. CI is helping us free up staff time and is letting us be better stewards of our resources.


People make Notre Dame great. Why so much focus on process?

Our people make a huge difference. So we want to give them what they need (more time, better information, easier procedures) to deliver their best to our students, faculty and staff. We know from recent surveys that some of our "processes" are harder and more complicated than they should be. If we make these processes simpler, quicker, and less bureaucratic, our people will have more time to help students, faculty and staff.


How do we know this will work in our culture?

Because it already is working here! We have adapted the approach to the University's needs, we are involving our people in selecting processes to work on, and we are getting excellent results.


Will Continuous Improvement lead to layoffs?

No. There has always been turnover at Notre Dame, and that will not change. What we expect, and what we are seeing, is that it is making some of our work easier and faster, and people are being freed up to do other tasks that help the University meet its mission. We are committed to preserving jobs.


What will be my role in all of this?

It depends. If you are on a project, you may be asked to give some of your time or your people's time...explain how you do your job...give ideas on how to make things work better...try out a new process...go to a training event.  Otherwise, you do not have to do anything right now...but we hope to see you on a project soon! Contact us if you have any questions.

What's in it for me and my department?
A chance to affect and improve how things work in your department...give even better service (and keep promises) to faculty, staff, students and colleagues...make your job easier and less stressful...learn new skills. People who have completed their projects are already experiencing this.
What's next?
We are focusing on 3 broad goals: 1.) Continue to deliver results by partnering with units to free up staff time, lower costs and resolve quality issues that came up in various campus surveys; 2.) Build CI competency within campus units so they can deliver results on their own; 3.) Refine how we measure results, celebrate them, and create more acceptance of Continuous Improvement campus-wide.