Our Services

The mission of the Office of Continuous Improvement is to partner with campus leaders and units to achieve University goals through the use of Continuous Improvement methods and tools.  In simpler terms, our focus is on process improvement.  We provide training, project leadership, project coaching and support, facilitation and communications/change management guidance.  Since one of our goals is building up the process improvement skills and competence across campus, much of our work is done through the integrated approach of training and project coaching.

There are multiple approaches that can be taken to solve process-related problems based upon the scope and complexity of the situation.  The first step is to figure out whether the problem or challenge in your department is one that could be addressed with Continuous Improvement (CI) methods and tools.  You can refer to the CI Decision Tree to help you determine what approach might be best for your specific need. 

Below are some examples of the services we provide.  Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and what approach makes the most sense.


Black Belt Projects

Green Belt Training and Projects

Yellow Belt Training and Projects

Kaizen Events