Green Belt Training and Projects

The Green Belt program at Notre Dame has been the main vehicle for delivering process improvement results across campus. Project leaders from campus departments participate in Green Belt training and, with coaching support from the Office of Continuous Improvement and strong project sponsorship, lead teams to deliver improvements to key processes.

The method used to improve processes is called DMAIC, and it is organized into five steps:

  • Define:  Describe exactly what you are trying to do
  • Measure:  Figure out how well your process works right now and what the gaps are
  • Analyze:  Understand why the process is working this way
  • Improve:  Identify the best way to make the process better, test it, fine-tune it, and implement it
  • Control:  Make sure the process does not revert to its original state and that the gains are maintained


Guidelines for a Green Belt project

  • Process is connected to a key goal or problem
  • Process is existing & has “pain” (e.g., long cycle time, too many defects, low customer satisfaction, etc.)
  • Project can be completed within 6 months (in most cases)
  • Measurable indicators of success are identifiable
  • Data is accessible
  • Solution is unknown
  • Department is able to commit resources to project


Green Belt Leader Criteria

  • Knowledgeable about the specific process that is the focus of the project
  • Receptive to using quantitative methods
  • Proven analytical and technical skills
  • Task orientation; has a track record of completing assignments
  • Able to balance project work and other routine duties and workload
  • Good interpersonal skills: Listening, leading meetings, handling challenges and resistance, building alliances and collaboration, managing group dynamics
  • Good communication skills: Verbal, written, presenting
  • Well regarded by peers; team player
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint; not averse to learning new computer tools for analysis


Green Belt Sponsor Expectations

The project sponsor plays a critical role in the success of the project. He/she is expected to:

  • Be engaged & informed throughout the project
  • Provide needed support & decision-making
  • Provide resources necessary for successful project completion
  • Hold project leader & team accountable for project completion & results


Green Belt Training and Certification

Green Belt certification is awarded to those individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of online training with composite score of 80%+ on skill assessments
  • Completion of classroom* training
  • Successful project completion (investing ~20% of weekly time to the project)
  • Preparation of a final project report

*Note: CEU & CPE credits are available for the classroom training


To submit a project for the Green Belt program, please submit the CI project and sponsor nomination or contact us to discuss your situation.