Yellow Belt Training and Projects

Yellow Belt Projects are process improvement projects that can be addressed by a departmental or division-level work team– usually those who perform the process steps – with coaching from The Office of Continuous Improvement. 

Yellow Belt Projects addresses an existing process with associated “pain” (too much non-value-added time, too many defects/errors or too many handoffs).   These smaller scoped projects do not require extensive data analysis. 

The method used to improve processes is called DMAIC, and it is organized into five steps:

  • Define:  Describe exactly what you are trying to do
  • Measure:  Figure out how well your process works right now and what the gaps are
  • Analyze:  Understand why the process is working this way
  • Improve:  Identify the best way to make the process better, test it, fine-tune it, and implement it
  • Control:  Make sure the process does not revert to its original state and the gains are maintained over time


Please contact our office to discuss any needs for a Yellow Belt project.